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kumamon has a new oneesan Megumi.

to break her in they did a small appearance in the shopping arcade. of course the cd player didn’t work properly! kumamon and Higo-oneesan are used to technical issues (i.e. shit a/v equipment) 

we’ve all had that day at a new job!


is anyone kind of confused why arashi is bothering to have an international concert in hawaii when 99% of the audience will be members of the japanese exclusive fan club

I read in an airline forum that Johnny’s and the travel agency hired to set up the tour are going to charter at least 100 flights round trip to Honolulu. That’s a lot of flights for one package tour, imo.  The bottom line is a lot of people both in Japan and Hawaii are going to make a lot of money on the official fanclub members. My opinion is that if the “overseas” fans want to buy goods and stand around outside spending money they’ll let that happen too. 

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